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What We Do

RTS Software is an independent authorized distributor of Mentor Embedded™ software products and professional services which we sell and support in North America & Europe. We are focused on building successful relationships with our clients by providing products that help them achieve their embedded device technical goals backed by high quality services that help them achieve their business and time-to-market goals.


Here you'll find plenty of information about Mentor's embedded software products and services. With locations in the UK & US, we are responsible for managing the client relationship so our role is to answer your technical & business questions, provide advice and help you make an informed purchase decision... all of which help you to succeed with your project.

How We Can Help You

If you are a device OEM, you are probably actively developing or planning to develop a product that contains one or more embedded devices. Your end goal will be the creation of a differentiated product that delivers value in the marketplace and the best way to deliver this value is through your custom hardware and application software. You also want to meet budget and time-to-market constraints.


As an OEM, a key decision you need to make is the software "platform" for your device. This platform includes the embedded operating system, board-support package, middleware, run-time components, stacks, libraries etc that need to be customized for your hardware and to host your custom application. Platform development & support is obviously important but it is usually complex, sometimes involving a code base of millions of lines of code and, at the end of the day, the platform does not allow you to truly differentiate your device. If you take on a platform development project, you also have to hire, train and retain experts who are knowledgeable in platform development and you have to provide long-term support for your device platform once it is deployed. This is where Mentor Embedded can add significant value through products and services focused on platform development and long-term support... ultimately you stand a much better chance of hitting your device development schedules & time-to-market window if you employ Mentor's platform development expertise & experience.


Mentor Embedded Products help you solve device development challenges and are used by software and hardware engineers to write, build, debug, profile, analyze, optimize and run their embedded applications code. Virtually any embedded project can benefit from using Mentor Embedded products.


Mentor Professional Services help you solve business and technical challenges at each stage of the device lifecycle - strategy, planning, development & deployment: consulting services are short-term, fixed-price, high client-value services that focus on solving client business and technical problems during the planning and development phases of a device project; engineering services focus on the development & deployment phases and leverage Mentor's engineering expertise in open source software areas like Linux, Android and GNU technology by applying this expertise to solve your specific device problems.


Together, the combination of consulting & engineering services along with decades of experience in building & supporting embedded software products offers you a wide range of potential problem-solving solutions ranging from a one-off development tool purchase all the way up to a project where Mentor engineering resources and consultants work hand-in-hand with your development team to help define and implement your embedded device.


We look forward to meeting and partnering with you.